Friday, November 24, 2017

3 Weeks Before Winter Break

Last weekend is our global food night ,Stan and his wife Amanda cooked some Taiwanese family traditional dish for us such as pork stew, tomato fried eggs and stir fried cabbage. It's really tasty and everyone enjoyed the food.

After boosting with delicious food we keep going with our works before winter break.

Familiar dishes made our home sickness less.

Pork stew. We can eat tons of rice with this dish.

Felix restores balance staff for his British pocket watch.

Nice and shiny. The tapering cylinder at both end is designed as oil traps.

Let's turn on the night club mode. Oh ya~~

Sif is making hour wheel this week.

Yi Ting is finishing her tri-pod base.

Stan turning the winding stem.

CJ modifying his sun ray grinding tools.

Ratchet wheel before restored.

After restored. Bling Bling

Crown wheel before finishing.

Crown wheel after restored.

Henrik showed us how to properly ream holes for guide pin.

The drill is very delicate, we should to use it properly.

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