Friday, October 13, 2017

Thank you, Anthony! We got the books.

Nothing is more exciting than recieving the new released watchmaking related book.
100+ NO BS (Bull Shit) Watch Tips. We highly promote this practical book for those who are passionate in watches, working with watches, and rookies like us who just entering the watchmaking world. Thank you, Anthony L. We hope someday to see you face to face and hear you share more about watchmaking.

We don't have much to update this week but share our trouble shooting case. The picture shows how we remove the screw with it's head was worn out and stuck in the graver holder.

The graver holder was clamp on the jig borer. We use certering scope to locate the position to drill it through precisely.

In our case, the thread is 3.2mm in diameter, so we use 1.5mm drill to drill it through. The hole is for the later use of reamer to un-screw it.

After drill through the screw, we use centering drill to destroy the head. Don't feed to fast otherwise you may damage the graver holder. Once it's done, you'll see the head become loose.

Now we can easily take the head with rodico. And the final stem is to use the reamer to insert into the hole we drilled before to unscrew it. Ya~~

Finally, that's the right attitude when you work with something complicated. Always keep smiling. Ha...
Sif milling a tool.

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