Friday, October 20, 2017

Farewell Shuai!

This week we had to say goodbye to Shuai, he went back to China to open up his own workshop.  Finally got his diploma from the school and was veeery happy when he saw Henrik draw it out of his bag.
We went to a nice place in Le Locle with a good view to have the farewell for Shuai, had good vines and snacks. What a nice graduation outdoor ceremony, can we have it while we graduate. :) We wish Shuai all the best for his future endeavors, and are looking forward to see him back for visits in the future.

Last week we also visit Simonin Book Store. We enjoyed very much visiting the book store and pick up some books which help in our future career or

School vice; everyone are doing the thing either it's our tools or finishing the pivot gauges, not a lot new there.

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