Thursday, July 20, 2017

The summer break is coming

Summer break is coming. We are glad that we all finished the exam finally. Some of us are happy some are not because there is some predictable accident that could happen as we talked before. Anyway, we will leave the town for three weeks and let our mind and muscle relax for the future challenge.

Today is our last day before the summer break, so we spend almost the whole day to clean our workshop and common area. So when we come back the school is still shiny and tidy.

It's a necessary pain to break the winding stem while bending it straight and that's how we learn the skill. If the straightness is not good, we fail the exam immediately. So, don't be afraid just try over and over again.

Checking the straigthness!

Our gravers need to be sharp for the exam.

Still, sharpening the gravers.

Cleaning the Lathe before the summer holiday. 

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