Friday, July 14, 2017

Hardening is hard

   We had three trial exams this week and felt more fimiliar with going through the whole process of making a winding stem. Beside the trial exams we just keep practicing the skill and sharpening our tools during the day.
   But still, there are some tricky processes we need to be more confident to deal with, such as hardening, tempering and bending winding stems straight. So today, we spend some time to discuss and align our approach for hardening and hope we can make the result more consistant and stable.
   This week we also upload a tempering video on our watchmaking channel, please feel free to check it out. Bluing Video.

Stan preparing basket for hardening process, but today we decide not to use basket for hardening.

Sharpening graver everyday makes turning more efficient. 

Discussing a better approach for hardening.

Heat the winding stem with required temperature for at least three minutes and quench it within salt water let us get a more stable and consistant result of hardening.

Look at the nice blue color after tepmering. This is the right color we pursued.

This week are also Shuai and Eddie's final exam, good luck guys.

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