Friday, September 11, 2015

Every watchmakers' dream: Mr. Voutilainen's Atelier

The atelier of Kari Voutilainen

On Tuesday, the school visited Kari Voutilainen, an independent watchmaker residing in Motiers.  It is the school's first visit to an independent's atelier this year.  Mr. Voutilainen was kind enough to show us around his workspace, giving us a complete tour of the place.  The workshop was divided into a machine room and an assembling space.  Mr. Voutilainen even had some of his workers demonstrate their skills to us on real pieces of his watch that they were working on.The students loved his workshop, and it was everything that the students imagined and more.
The evolution of the mainplate

Voutilainen and his CNCs

Dial samples

Every tool a watchmaker would want

The sexy rose engine

The exact same lathe as we have in the school

Geneva stripe machine

The students drooling over Mr.V's watches

Watch porn

Theren and Tomas started to burnish pivots this week.  They used the Jacot tool and hardmetal burnishers for the exercise.  They practiced on pivots of wheels mainly this week, and will be moving on to real pivots next week!
Theren practicing burnishing

Tomas also burnishing

Simone turning

Special thanks to Mr. Voutilainen and his team for giving us the opportunity to visit his humble establishment.

Group photo

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