Friday, September 18, 2015

A "Quality" week

Eddie turning a screw

This week in school the students continued their work on pivot gauges, which Simone has also started.  Eddie has learned how to use the lathe and thus started on many of the tools that we have shown on our blog of the finished tools the other students have made.
The new microcity building in Neuchatel

On Thursday we went to Microcity in Neuchatel to participate in a conference on the topic of the Q factor.  Mr. Doug Bateman, the speaker, talked about the quality factor relating to clocks and watches.  The quality factor is basically a calculation for decay of energy applied to the timekeeper.
Mr. Bateman brought a lot of props to explain the Q factor 

Henrik also went to the MIH where they presented the Gaia prize to 3 watch related people that changed the watch industry.

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