Monday, December 15, 2014

Workshop activities

With the last school week of the year coming up, we are going to show you what the students have been up to and what is the plan for this week.

The workshop 1 students studied battery and quartz watches last week. Quartz watches are not a big subject in our school since we emphasize on mechanical watches but it's still fun to teach it and for the students to get familiar with quartz watches since it's totally different approach to watchmaking.

Henrik is demonstrating to the students how to measure the
electrical currents and the consumption. 

This is a rare movement from the 1960's when Swiss manufacturers were experimenting with batteries and different regulating organs. This is a semi-mechanical watch that has battery and an oscillator, but no quartz.

Charles is working on a hand setting on a quartz watch.

The students in workshop 2 have been going through the balance, hairspring and timing course lately and this week they will have their intermediate exam on that subject, just in time before the Christmas break.

Static poising of a balance wheel, the purpose is to equalize the weight of the balance all around.

Tryggvi truing a balance wheel.

Germán vibrating a hairspring.

And this timing result is from Stefano; this movement has a balance and a hairspring that Stefano made from raw material to its final stage. Pretty good job.

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