Friday, December 5, 2014


Workshop 1 students were introduced recently to chronograph watches. We teach here in the school both classical chronographs such as the Valjoux 23 and the El Primero from Zenith and more modern chronographs such as ETA 7750 and Dupois Depraz 2020. Therefore we are able to cover quite a big range of chronographs which have different designs. The Valjoux and El Primero are classically designed with horizontal engagement of wheels and a column wheel which controls all the commands, while the ETA 7750 has a much more simplified mechanism with an oscillating pinion and a cam system. And then the Dubois Depraz is a modular chronograph with a vertical clutch which is yet another system.

The students were extremely fascinated but also quite overwhelmed by the chronograph mechanism since there was a lot of new components and new mechanisms to learn. One thing is certain though, which happens to almost all students/watchmakers that work with chronographs, they fell in love with them.

The legendary Valjoux 23.

Another legendary chronograph, but for very different reasons, the Zenith El Primero.

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