Monday, October 27, 2014

When art meets craftsmanship

In 2014, Patek Philippe watch manufacture in Geneva celebrated their 175th anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, the manufacture launched a watch which is their most complicated wristwatch to date. Only 6 watches will be made and they will sell for $2.5 million.
Patek Philippe made a video about the making of the anniversary watch. Instead of writing a big article about how beautifully crafted this watch is, we will let the video speak for itself. It is a must see for all watch lovers and for people who would like to understand what high-end watchmaking is all about. That is exactly the reason why we would like to show you this video, because we believe the fundamental principles of our school harmonies with this excellent timepiece.
Enjoy art combined with amazing craftsmanship from one of the most beloved Swiss watchmaking companies.
If you are interested to read more about this watch, we recommend that you head over to Hodinkee and read their take on the watch, it's a great article, very detailed and thorough.

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