Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pallet Forks & Hairsprings

Today workshop one is continuing their work with balances - flattening hairsprings, pinning collets, reaming collets and other related work.

Kevin flattening a balance with a Lyre truing caliper.
Charles working with a Luthy tool, vibrating hairsprings.

Henrik checking hairsprings.

In workshop 2 the students are working on adjusting the jewels in the pallet fork. After learning the theory they continue to the bench and practice adjusting the drop and total lock of the Swiss lever ecapement. The adjustments are very precise and important for good function.

Tryggvi adjusting a pallet fork.
German performing a pallet fork adjustment.

This escapement meter is used for precise adjustment of the pallet fork jewels.

Robert checking students work.

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