Friday, September 19, 2014

Timing and Examinations

Today in the workshops some students are taking their escapement examinations, which involves tiny adjustments. The goal is to achieve the most efficient, but safe transfer of energy in the escapement.

In this large model we can see the jewels which can be adjusted, in the actual pallet fork the jewels are held by shellac. the entire fork is heated on a plate and adjusted very precisely. Adjusting the escapement can take multiple attempts making this a sometimes challenging process.

Robert preparing examination material.

Stefano begining his exam.

In the other class students have been introduced to the timing machines and dynamic poising.

After spending a long time with hairsprings sometimes micromechanics work is a good way to change things up. Here's Brad on the Schaublin 102.
A cool knurled tool handle Brad made from Aluminum.
As well we have a new bench testee getting introduced to some of the basics n the workshop.

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