Monday, August 19, 2013

Strategies and Tactics

Sometimes, we come across articles on google while we are searching for something watchmaking. It might not be related to watchmaking but from the journey we took to arrive at where we are, sometimes what these articles present can be pretty useful. In retrospect, maybe we should have heeded some advice.

Anyway, the article can be found here :

On plain sight, the title of the article sounds like its totally and wholly nothing to do with watchmaking. Its got to do with communication plans but read on about the part on tactics and strategy and about being over-ambition.

How many times had we come up with grand plans and then fail at it totally ? Plenty !

How many times did we feel so disappointed because nothing went to plan and then we mope about it for days ? Many many times.

Think about it. For our students and eventual graduants, what do you want to achieve after the programme is done ? Think about what the article has to offer and the lessons it is trying to convey.

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