Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Something from Joe

We grabbed this from Joseph's facebook page and its an old picture. But its still his handwork.

Apparently, the "trend" is that we don't show unfinished work because people ( that means YOU ! ) might mis-interpret this as the standard of work which we are promoting. Hey, since the start of the school and since we started our social media outreach, we have one thing to say. If you have to post a picture, and its something unfinished, say so. From what we gather, its now a trend set by a one or two watch ateliers that they show their raw pieces. Why ? To show that their components were made from scratch and not from a mass-production capable CNC machine. We hear it alot from many many experienced watchmakers/"watchmakers" not to show unfinished pieces as well. Myth debunked. Go to google and search for pictures of unfinished components. The trend seems to be growing since with raw components, a true blue classical watchmaker/part maker is now able to justify their prices and support their hardwork with REAL evidence.

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