Friday, January 24, 2020

The Movement

                                                                   WEEK 42

James Punshon, Jayne Zhuo, Pierre Aubert
Origin : Sydney, Australia. Singapore. Toulouse, France
Age : 38
Watchmaking class :  Technician Course
Current mood: So happy to be here! All nerves and tentative thoughts quickly washed away once school started. Have thoroughly enjoyed the first two weeks of school, which included an introduction to micro mechanics and watch assembly among other subjects.
Have a great group of peers, everyone is getting along super well and operating as a tight unit. Looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring.

Markus McDonald 
Origin : Stockholm Sweden 
Age : 20
Watchmaking class: 2 years Fullskill Program
Current mood : This week was primarily focused on finishing and improving my slot pieces from the last week from 2 mm too 0.80 mm this included making a piece that maintained a set value and tolerance whilst having 2 cones and being a complete piece. This was a great exercise as it challenged me too make a piece that not only maintained tolerance but also finishing which when combined with other elements such as threading and squares results in the winding stem which is one of the most interactive components of the watch. However although I was able to finish all five pieces I found myself redoing several of the pieces for the sake of consistency and quality, as the more practice and repetition results in a better result.

Origin : Kaohsiung, Taiwan 
Age : 26
Watchmaking : 2Y Fullskill Program
Current mood: It's been a rather exciting yet annoying week. Started turning but kept on breaking the gravers. Must have spent about 40 percent of the week just trying to fix them. But over all it was a nice experience. Looking forward to have more of it next week!!!

Origin : Malaysia 
Age : 28
Watchmaking : 2Y Fullskill Program
Current mood : Enjoying the grinding of filing brass pieces by hand. Meanwhile, I literally smell like I am wearing a brass scented cologne almost everyday this week. Learned how to use the drilling machine as well. Managed to finish the balance bridge holder within the tolerances.. 'hopefully' (not graded yet). Started on the next task which is the brass wheel turing guide. Very challenging to file the 45° degree angle on the piece. I need more time please! Till next week. 


Customized hammer made as part of our introduction to micro mechanics.


This week was as nice as last week, the temperature and sunny days makes the work so much more enjoyable! The week was not too intensive but still lots of new things for the students to learn, Pierre, Jayne, and James got introduced to the movement and the concept of the watch as well as the winding and hand setting, Michael learn how to drill and tap with a drill press, Markus finished his slots and will begin soon to make complete winding stems, Alex progressed well with the 8 mm lathe and the basic cuts with hand turning. I am in the process to promote my 2020 short courses and if you are interested to take any of them you can find them here; See you next week!


  1. Just in time... best wishes for this new year ! Welcome to Jayne, James and Michael ! Enjoy your time school at KHWCC