Friday, June 28, 2019

It's HOT in Le Locle🌞

                                                           WEEK 12
                                                  It's HOT in Le Locle🌞

Harman Wadhwa 
Origin : New Delhi, India
Age : 28
Watchmaking class : 8 month Service & Technician course
Current mood : This week I have focused on perfecting the quality of my work on various movements, which includes aspects like lubrication, end-shake and flatness of the gear train wheels. I have also practiced on 7 different ETA movements all that I have learned thus far. The goal: reach the Swiss quality standards. As for my 1st real mid exam, it is rescheduled for the 02.07.19 (this Tuesday), so wish me luck 😁

Pierre Aubert
Origin : Toulouse, France
Age : 22
Watchmaking class : 2Y Fullskill Program
Current mood: I continued to work on my gravers (for future hand-turning tasks) this week, and have made great progress on my setting lever spring (for the school watch)! It is now functional!! Further description under the pictures. See you next week and stay hydrated..!!😇

Markus Mc Donald
Origin : Stockholm, Sweden
Age: 20


                                            Just a few things , you might need to fix the cannon pinion😋

Different types of cannon pinions 



Shape after initial filing: The setting lever pin sits nicely in the spring's dedicated space for it. 

It travels smoothly to its second position. The in-between section has a too high radius however- this prevents the pin from moving back to its initial position when switching from the setting position to the winding position. 

I have smoothed out the middle section by reducing its radius: the spring is now functional! 😆
I just need to keep going so that it becomes 100% smooth! 


Wow! This week was really hot! Luckily we have an AC just in case it gets too hot. Despite the increase in temperature the students performed really well! I expected some slowdown in output but somehow we pushed through as usual. Markus is progressing well with the lathe and will start learning new uses of it next week, Harman is coming to the end of his gear train course and will begin the escapement course next week, Pierre got his setting lever spring to work! And I had some time in between work and evenings to push forward with my sapphire case project, where the movement modifications are slowly taking shape, all in all a very enjoyable week!  Have to run now, but see you next week and have a great weekend!