Friday, August 24, 2018

Practice Exam Week

This week learned how to do the timing in order to complete the last part of our exam. And we also had our first and second practice exam during the week.

For this exam we need to put a complete balance together, including riveted with the staff, fit the roller and everything about the hairspring, we need to pin the hairspring with the collet and vibrating it to the correct length. And try to find the most efficient order for us to do this best during our exam.

learning how to read the timing machine and what that means need to have some basic theory background

Make the hairspring flat and centere around the collet is also very important in this exam

This exam have so many things to do, therefore the time management is very important.

using the jacot tool to correct the bend pivot if necessary

The first trial shows red for all position.
Another one that got better results.

Now it look pretty good, and it also shows this balance has a poise error. We will continue to practice and get closer timekeeping in the future.

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