Friday, May 4, 2018

Fun week

After the escapement exam  this week we are free to do some restoration and finishing. Yi Ting did the real Geneve stripe on her private tool. The geneve stripe looks so fine and sharp, and that is the difficulty for making the geneve stripe. It cant be cut too deep to damage the bevel. CJ restored his own watch and did the high grade finishing for it. The bridges look much better after CJ did the frosting, chamfering, and beveling. It took him some practices to achieve this great quality. Stan was trying to polish the broken jewel. The pallet jewel was broken at the cornor and it had to be polished away. Stan used the tripod and tin plate with diamond paste to polish the jewel to flat again. It looks the new jewel after polishing. Btw we join the instagram(KHWCC2017) this week feel free to follow us. We will post our life of watchmaking on it for sharing.

Nice tool with Geneve stripe

Close-up naked.

 Nice finishing
 Broken jewel
Flat again

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