Friday, March 10, 2017

Last week before Finals!

Movements for Henrik to check

Simone oiling his 7001

Theren doing final encasing practice

Tomas adjusting the hairspring on his 7001
It is the last week for three of our student until the big day...Finals.
Theren, Tomas, and Simone have been practicing hard on their school movements, which have to be perfectly serviced to Henrik's standards (which is not too easy).
They will start with the theory exam next Friday, so wish them luck!

Tomas polishing a caseback for practice
Besides the usual work, Henrik has taught the last lesson KHWCC has to offer, and that would be case polishng.  Case polishing may not be a watchmaker's job per say anymore, but to make a complete watchmaker the students should have some experience with all aspects of the SAV.
Eddie turning a wheel

Shuai parting off the wheel

Shuai and Eddie on the other hand will be moving to the second class room next week to allow the test takers maximum focus for the finals.  While in the class room they will continue to work on their school watches.  Eddie has made a couple of prototype wheels while Shuai has been working on a detent escape wheel.

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