Friday, June 19, 2015

Le Garde Temps, enjoying classic watchmaking

Henrik and the students got a picture with Mr. Forsey of Gruebel Forsey
This Wednesday the school took a trip to the Musee International d'Horologie for Les CirConference du Temps where the project Le Garde Temps was presented.  Mr. Forsey, Mr. Dufour, and Mr. Boulanger were there to introduce the project they have been working on for the past few years.  The event was very successful with a packed house of people from the industry.  The watch is nearly finished and looks amazing.
Tomas checking out the amazing finishing on a wheel from Gruebel Forsey

The result of years of dedication

This week the students learned how to file squares in two different ways.  The traditional hand filed way using just simple tools and also the more practical way by using the 8mm lathe.

The super high skill of hand filing a square
Using the lathe for precision filing of a square

They also learned how to heat treat carbon steel by first hardening then tempering.  They learned several methods of doing it.  The color we try to achieve for watch components is a dark blue tint.
Somethings cooking

Today Henrik showed the students how to grind a slot graver starting from a raw hard metal.  They used the Agathon machine which is specialized for grinding.
Tomas grinding his slot graver

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