Sunday, May 3, 2015

Turning,milling and a visit

In the last few weeks the students tried out the Aciera F1 manual mill for the first time, they will later use this machine to make tools and watch parts. We also went on  a visit to the museum in le Sentier, Valle de Joux Espace Horloger where they had a demonstration on forgotten watch restoration techniques, although it’s a bit early for the students to comprehend fully what was demonstrated they still  got a good impression on how watchmakers restoring watches may work. The students will later in the course learn similar techniques.

Tomas practicing manual milling on the Aciera F1

Theren practicing turning on the Schaublin 70

Nicholas a new taster course student practicing polishing

Entry to the museum.

The local watchmaker demonstrating how to fit and vibrate a steel hairspring to an antique watch.

New hairspring fitted to the collet and balance.

Vibrating the hairspring to obtain the correct length.

And finally the hairspring with balance fitted in the movement.

Nice information boards in 3 languages.

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