Friday, February 27, 2015

Photos of the week.

It's Friday afternoon here in Le Locle and this has been a long but very productive week. Here are some photos of what we did this week.

Workshop 2 students continued with chronographs and they did dis-assembling, cleaning, assembling and oiling of a modular chronograph from Dubois-Depraz which can be a bit tricky to service.

Service manual.

The students were also introduced to the world's most common chronograph, the 7750 which is made by ETA. Good and solid chronograph, but not the most exciting or the most beautiful compared to more traditional chronographs.
Germán assembling and servicing the ETA 7750 chronograph.

Assembled but missing the oscillating weight.

Then we had some students that wanted to do electroplating for their special projects so Instructor Robert demonstrated how to utilize the plating machine and the basic steps of plating.

The palladium plating liquid being heated up to desired temperature.

A component being plated.

That's it for this week!

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