Monday, May 12, 2014

Watch part: Maltese Cross

Interview with Charles (a student) who restore a spring detent watch having a MALTESE CROSS on the barrel.

What’s the name of this part and for what is it’ 
This is the Maltese Cross.  It’s made to use only the central portion of the mainspring.
Can you find it in all watches?

You can find it in older hi-end pocket watches. But it’s usually broken because some incompetent watchmakers remove it, break it or just ignore it.

With what do we replace it today?

We didn’t replace it. We just don’t use it anymore. One of the many reasons we don’t have it in our day is that it’s expensive to produce and place consuming.

Do you think the Maltese Cross is aesthetical?

Yes, it looks cool. The steel has to be hardened and polished. So it’s very shiny. But it’s on the dial side, so only watchmakers see it when they service the watch!

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