Wednesday, September 25, 2013

IT. A curse and a gift.

Took a while but its more or less done.

So, to highlight our monumental achievements, this has transpired over the last 3 weeks.

1. Email systems are now in ENGLISH. Before, it was in Danish and we were slightly lost when emails wern't routed correctly. Not anyone's fault but our original web developer ( a very talented one too ) is Danish and he could only help us through his Danish server. With our new email servers, we are able to register more emails addresses for our staff. This means that other than, we now have 2 more email addresses. Our General Manager, Daniel now has his own email at

2. Our blog has been regularly updated. Watchmakers are sometimes not the most IT savy people around, at least in our school. But now that all systems are GO, we will be posting regular blog posts. Watch out for it !

3. Our website, which has been cold storage, is now COMPLETE with pictures. We had to wait for our email systems and get everything done in one pass in order to save time. Hey, we are not a flashy school. We spend ALL and i mean ALL which we can afford on students, tools and more tools. We do not apologise for missing/broken links, bad styling or lack of updates on our website. All of our efforts goes into teaching and educating watchmaking.

4. Check out our picture gallery. It shall be updated frequently.


  1. "1. Email systems are now in ENGISH."

    You might want to edit that firs achievement's spelling!

  2. Ha ha .. thanks for that ! Anyway, if it cracks you up, we shall leave it there. :)