Monday, October 1, 2012

Tasting it ...

Thats alot of applications and enquiries in the last few months for the February intake. 

For the record, we had to turn away many people because they were going to enroll into the programme for the wrong reasons. Thats why we created our unique Taster programme. No amount of research online or word of mouth is going to help. You need to come and try it for yourself. Thats why we created the Taster programme. Its meant to give you a picture of what its going to take to be here. Its not cheap but thats because Switzerland is not a cheap place to operate in. Try it out for one week. Take it as an experience. Otherwise, jumping into it without a hint of whats going to happen and you lose much more. 

Henrik demonstrating to a Taster programme enlistee how a lathe works.

This Taster enlistee hails from Iceland !!

Setting up ! The most important step ever !

Do it well and it comes out all alright ...

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