Monday, September 17, 2012

Christmas was early ... sort of ..

Usually, after the watchmaker's holiday, a representative from the Ulysse Nardin Foundation would pay the school a visit to see if we need anything. Its all thanks to them that we have such a lovely school with state of the art facilities.

No, this is not for our Playstation or Wii. These 2 HD LCD TVs will be mounted above the teacher's benches in both workshops and connected to their teaching microscopes. Pretty standard and almost all watchmaking schools have them but with this, we take high resolution to another level. Also, if any of the teachers need to show any pictures, all they need to do is to connect their laptops to the TVs and everyone in the classroom can see them.

The Foundation also sponsored a new fridge since the current one is way too small for 10 people.

This is workshop 1 being fitted with suction and blower piping. In the future, if we need to add more benches, we don't need to ask a contractor to come down and reorganize the piping, we can do it ourselves via one pipe. 

New chairs and the handymen's tools. Its all in the works ...

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