Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Watchmaking in Norway

We had a special visitor from Norway 2 weekends ago and he is a very experienced watchmaker. He maintains a blog which promotes watchmaking and its education. I know its in Norwegian but use Google chrome or some translation programme and snoop around. It has some interesting things !

Forum website is linked below :-



  1. Thank you Henrik for putting FUN on your blog. sides.
    In Norway we are few watchmakers and in the Nordic country’s it is important to have a god and near cooperation. I’m sure watchmakers all over the world have different experience and often have a lot of spare parts other watchmakers need to a old watch ore so. The beautiful watchmaking need to continue and it is not all the new complicated movements we in the future will make our money on. I started Professional Watchmakers Norway, FUN for only 4 years ago, and to day we are nearly 100 members in our little country. The first agenda is a better watchmaking school with an international norm. I will wish Henrik Korpela and his real watchmaking school the best wishes for the future and for the watchmaking.
    Erik Oedegaard
    President for the Professional Watchmaking Norway, FUN

  2. Dear Erik,

    Thank you so much for your affirmation in what we do and what i believe in. I am sure we will have much more co-operation and collaboration with the Nordic countries in the future. Personally, i salute what you are doing for watchmaking in Norway and i wish you the upmost success !

    Henrik Korpela

  3. I also believe that the future brings more collaboration with the Nordic countries. Great article.

    Have you seen The Goldgena Watch Project? It is quite interesting too