Sunday, June 12, 2011

we really have a BIG big school ...

Well, WOSTEP has a website with some really nice pictures. The Hayek School in Miami has a really cool facebook page ( which we are going to have as well ! ). Lititz has an awesome looking school. 

Anyway, don't we all love a little competition ? 

So here we go, we have a cool lab-like school !! 

 Classroom 1 : Henrik's teaching bench is housed here.

Our hallway 

Lecture room

Lathe works in Classroom 1

A typical 2nd year student's desk

Classroom 2 : 4 more benches are on the way. This is where Robert sits. 

Our Schaublins. We stress its PLURAL. We have more than one.

Student @ work on one of the Schaublins

Hallway again but from the 2nd level entrance.

We are so pretentious ! We just had to make the classrooms look cooler. Oh, if you look at the empty space on the right side of the picture, thats where we might put our own macro photo studio. We are lucky to have a professional photographer come down and set it up for us soon in June, so we're hoping the students will be posting some really cool pictures soon after.

Here is the main hall again. The table on the right is for our meals. We also have a Wii, Playstation and all you can drink beer. ( No we don't ! But we are working on it ! )

If you're sitting down at the meal table, this is what you see. On the room, left side, is where we place most of the bigger machines. The room in the middle is the Principal's private room. ( Henrik isn't usually in there because he's usually at his teacher's desk though ) And the room on the right is the Lecture room. There's a well stocked library in there as well. Its mainly modern books but there are a few old books as well. And when we say its well stocked, its very very well stocked. It costs the school a fortune to stock the library !

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